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Employing best practice at every opportunity

Quality is of paramount importance to solutions, like Boss Portals, working in mission critical telecommunications environments.To ensure the highest quality and reliability our software is developed inline with industry best practice methodologies. Every solution is then thoroughly tested to the most rigorous field conditions typical of the solution domain they reside in.

A support plan that works for you

Ongoing technical assistance and support of our solutions is an essential part in the value equation.  It ensures the uninterrupted operation and ongoing relevance of the solution should issues arise.We are able to tailor support offerings to suit the specific requirements of each customer in relation to support hours, access to bug fixes, product upgrades and new functionalities.Technical Support Requests (TSRs) can be logged on our support website.  The majority of support requests on our solutions can be managed remotely via broadband connection.

Our products are continually being improved.  Enhancement requests and any feedback from our customers are reviewed periodically and used to refine our product roadmaps

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