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When the rubber hits the road

Running a telecom network can be a lot like the Le Mans endurance race, which tests not only the car and driver's performance but also their ability to maintain it over a 24-hour period, except that the race is over 20 years when it comes to telecom networks.

It is no mean feat to get a network to be ready for service (RFS), having to overcome a wide range of challenges from securing funding, regulatory approvals and anchor customers, to the design and construction of the network.  But when the rubber hits the road, a whole new set of challenges emerge — how to get the best returns from your investments, keep one step ahead of your customers and competition, and stay on top of a multitude of operational risks. 

Like any endurance race, it is the effective management over the long haul that makes a winner.  For an industry facing rapid changes, these challenges can be constantly moving targets.

Solutions for every stage of the race

At Boss Portal, we have developed solutions from a comprehensive product suite to help you adapt to these moving targets at every stage of the race and get the best long term return on your investments.

Improve capital return with more effective capacity planning and network grooming, and better control over network assets and services.  Mitigate operational risks by shifting the knowledge that resides in the minds of the small team of specialists and business partners that support the network into your management systems.  Streamline your processes and raise the bar on performance by keeping pulse on everything that goes on in your network.

With capabilities like these, our customers have enjoyed some great results in transforming how they manage their networks.  Like any winning ‘pit crew’, the Boss Portal team comes second to none with our level of experience and knowledge in telecom systems software.  Don’t hesitate; we’re here to help