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Our Team

Experience where it counts

All of our team members are seasoned professionals in their respective area of expertise, and have solid track records in the telecom industry.  It is this collective experience combined with a genuine commitment to delivering the results that hold the Boss Portal team in such high regard with our customers.

Innovation at our core

From our very first day of business, we have been rewriting the rules for tackling network and customer operational challenges.  With the Boss Operations Navigator, we came up with an adaptable OSS framework and applications suite that can not only be used as the cornerstone of a global network operation but also to support the front line business teams managing the customer conversation.

Putting the business context back into OSS

And with an industry first operational transformation model, supported by our incremental project methodologies and tools, tuned specifically to the needs of telecom network operators we continue to provide innovative ways for our customers to achieve tangible and significant business value from OSS for the least possible risk and cost.

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