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Boss Portal boosts commitment to industry best practices with TM Forum Training and Certification

Boss Portal has boosted its commitment to industry best practices by undertaking TM Forum’s Frameworx Training and achieving Knowledge Certification for a number of its staff.

TM Forum’s Frameworx suite of standards is a blueprint for effective business operations and is adopted by 90% of the world’s largest services providers. TM Forum’s Training courses provide a consistent approach to Frameworx education across the industry so service providers can more easily source the skills they demand to reduce risk, increase speed of service deployment, and lower costs.

Individuals that complete TM Forum’s Training courses are better prepared to deal with the challenges faced by the industry today. A full list of Frameworx Knowledge Certified Professionals can be viewed through this link 

“By having our staff complete TM Forum’s Frameworx Training and achieving Knowledge Certification we are demonstrating further commitment to industry best practices,” says Angela Peterson, Program Manager at Boss Portal. “Our customers can be assured that they will be benefiting from the collective experience of the industry that has been tried and tested. The use of a common management model will greatly facilitate communication between all stakeholders.”

About Boss Portal

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in Asia and the EMEA, Boss Portal has been solving OSS problems for Telecom Operators around the world since 2006. Leveraging our own software technology we have solutions to a number of long standing challenges facing our customers, often considered 'too hard to fix'.  We have a solid track record of delivering tangible business benefits in a range of network and customer operations. We understand the unique needs of OSS in these domains and we know OSS like the back of our hands. For more information on Boss Portal please visit our web site

About TM Forum 

TM Forum is a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation. As an established thought-leader in service creation, management and delivery, the Forum serves as a unifying force across industries, enabling more than 900 member companies to solve critical business issues through access to a wealth of knowledge, intellectual capital and standards.

The Forum provides a unique, fair and safe environment for the entire value-chain to collaborate and overcome the barriers to a vibrant, open digital economy, helping member companies of all sizes gain a competitive edge by enabling efficiency and agility in their IT and operations. For more information about TM Forum, visit