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Boss Portal recruitment drive pays dividends

After an extensive campaign in search of the best and brightest talents across the telecommunications sector Boss Portal is pleased to announce a number of new hires ranging from senior consulting through to development, test and documentation roles.

"We've invested a good deal of effort into our recruitment plans, and that effort will begin to pay dividends coming into the new year as our new hires come onboard" says Norman Lam, Company Director at Boss Portal.  "The calibre of the resources we've been able to secure is very pleasing indeed and is testament to the good reputation Boss Portal is gaining in our chosen markets. We feel very well positioned to continue supporting the business needs of our existing customers as well as engaging more and more with new prospective customers in need of our talents around the world"

About Boss Portal

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in Asia and the EMEA, Boss Portal has been solving OSS problems for Telecom Operators around the world since 2006. Leveraging our own software technology we have solutions to a number of long standing challenges facing our customers, often considered 'too hard to fix'.  We have a solid track record of delivering tangible business benefits in a range of network and customer operations. We understand the unique needs of OSS in these domains and we know OSS like the back of our hands. For more information on Boss Portal please visit our web site