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Boss Portal releases bHive r1.0

bHive is a complete' inventory management system that provides an accurate as-built view of your network. It manages not only assets reported by the Network Management System (NMS) and Element Management System (EMS), but also those that are not reported, such as spare and in-transit equipment, as well as cross domain assets that are not managed by NMS on either side.

“With its state-of-the-art visualisation engine, bHive provides seamlessly integrated physical and logical views of the network says Isaac Khalil, Chief Technology Officer at Boss Portal. With this information at hand as network changes occur telecom operators can better manage the network and services that support their most important asset, their customers”

About Boss Portal 

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in Asia and the EMEA, Boss Portal has been solving OSS problems for Telecom Operators around the world since 2006. Leveraging our own software technology we have solutions to a number of long standing challenges facing our customers, often considered 'too hard' to fix.  We have a solid track record of delivering tangible business benefits in a range of network and customer operations. We understand the unique needs of OSS in these domains and we know OSS like the back of our hands. For more information on Boss Portal please visit our web site