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Boss Portal releases bYond r1.0

bYond is an analytic engine and the latest addition to our unified solution framework.  It is purpose-built to take advantage of the vast amount of data collected from the OSS, ranging from alarms and incidents to performance and usage records.

bYond analyses and seeks to uncover the hidden gems from these often under-utilized data.  It identifies trends as well as hotspots for growth and where troubles are likely to develop.  These insights translate directly into competitive advantages.

“bYond is different from other generic business intelligence solutions with its use of pre-packaged analytic models says Isaac Khalil, Chief Technology Officer at Boss Portal. These pre-packaged models give network operators a considerable head start.  They can be tailored over time to suit the unique requirements of your business.”

About Boss Portal

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with offices in Asia and the EMEA, Boss Portal has been solving OSS problems for Telecom Operators around the world since 2006. Leveraging our own software technology we have solutions to a number of long standing challenges facing our customers, often considered 'too hard' to fix.  We have a solid track record of delivering tangible business benefits in a range of network and customer operations. We understand the unique needs of OSS in these domains and we know OSS like the back of our hands. For more information on Boss Portal please visit our web site