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bAlarm Fault Management

Save the Day

With the massive number of alarms generated by the network every day, troubleshooting is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Using its unique `context views’ feature, Fault Management can help you navigate through the swarm of alarms with ease and arrive at a diagnosis swiftly.  It lets you focus on saving the day, rather than trying to figure out what happened.


Fault Management orgranizes and groups related alarms together into various logical views, called Context Views, based on their relevance to different contexts such as equipment, location, case, circuit, etc.


Reduce Mean Time To Identify (MTTI) in these time-critical situations — make more accurate diagnosis in less time by elevating your perspective from looking at individual alarms to looking at the bigger picture.


Incoming alarms are matched and linked to relevant open cases in Case Management.  Alarms from planned activities and network faults are distinguished and can be prioritized accordingly.


Avoid distraction and reduce workload with Fault Management taking care of all the matched alarms automatically.  Alarms from planned activities are separated, so they will not clutter those from network faults which require more urgent attention.


Working alongside Service Inventory, Fault Management can determine whether an alarm is potentially customer impacting as well as which customer circuits are impacted.  At the click of a button, you can either create a new case or attach the alarm to an existing case to manage for its resolution.


Jump straight to the alarms that are potentially impacting customers; and show you are in control by being on top of the situation before it is reported by your customers.

Product Highlights

Alarm Details

Everything you need to know about an alarm, such as customer impact, associated cases and other related alarms, is only a mouse click away.