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bCare Process Management

Get it right every time

Successfully conducting work on your network and services often involves highly coordinated activities from various in house teams and shared external resources across the globe.  The nature of this work is complex and there is little room for error when it comes to assuring service and customer performance.

With Process Management we make it easy by enabling you to implement standard, streamlined and measurable processes so your teams can get it right every time.


With Process Management predefined configurable processes combine task coordination, document management, notifications and approvals into a single executable business process.


Reduce the potential for errors and double handling, improve work accuracy and expedite moves adds and changes to network resources.


Process Management enables you to standardize & streamline many of the tasks involved in turning up services and in restoring them.  It can also take over much of the standard alerting, prompting and communication tasks required to facilitate the process.


Achieve faster turn up and greater consistency of build across your services.  Reduce Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) on faults with the higher levels of productivity and efficiency that come from ‘communication enabled business processes’


Process Management’s in-built auditing capability means every step of your end-to-end process can be measured and leveraged as an objective baseline on which to improve service and customer performance.  


Establish more meaningful measures of internal and external service performance on which to monitor and manage team and business partner performance.  Reduce the risk of service level agreement violations by gaining a more complete picture of your end-to-end performance.

Product Highlights

Best practice

Get up to speed quickly by configuring prebuilt process templates based on ITIL™ industry best practice