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bHive Capacity Planning

Plan for better returns

Against a backdrop of rapidly evolving technology and customer demands, effectively managing your network capacity has never been more important or challenging.  For those tasked with capacity planning, access to reliable and complete network data is key.  Unfortunately, many have to struggle with manual records where the integrity of data is often in doubt.  

By synchronizing periodically with your network management systems Capacity Planning removes that doubt, providing an up-to-the-minute record of your network capacity, so you can get the best value out of your network investment today and plan for better returns tomorrow.


Supported by Service Inventory, Capacity Planning examines your SDH transport layer to ascertain payload capacity by port.  Results are filterable by an array of network dimensions.


Improved access to reliable data facilitates network grooming, improves forecasts and reduces overheads associated with network capacity planning activities.


Capacity Planning’s circuit order capability, in concert with Case Management, provides the ability to identify and allocate SDH resources on which to build a circuit.


Improve productivity and accelerate circuit provisioning times.  Identify capacity bottlenecks ahead of time to ensure customer demands can be met.

Product Highlights

At a glance capacity insights

At a glance insights into your network capacity in a simple intuitive interface