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bHive Resource Inventory

Take the guess work out of network asset management

As the saying goes 'A man with one watch knows what time it is; a man with two watches is never quite sure', for telecom operators without a consolidated inventory system, managing network assets is rather like having two watches - which one do you trust?

Resource Inventory takes the guesswork out of network asset management by providing a single version of the truth of your assets, both on and off the network.


Resource Inventory maintains a central repository of physical network assets by periodically synchronizing with all relevant Network Management Systems (NMS's).  For assets that are not reported by NMS's, such as cold spares in store rooms or patch records, they can be maintained manually within Resource Inventory, alongside the rest of the network assets.


The centralization of inventory records allows a single master copy of the information to be accessed by everyone.  As it synchronizes with the network periodically, Resource Inventory ensures it always maintains an up-to-date as-built view of the network.  It eliminates problems with coordination and conflicting/obsolete information, typical of spreadsheets or other non-centralized systems.

Product Highlights

Visio Export

Export face views of equipment as Visioâ„¢ drawings at the click of a button.