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bHive Service Inventory

Light at the end of the tunnel

Managing a network without an end-to-end view is like driving in a tunnel without headlights.  Unfortunately this is fairly typical.

Telecom networks are generally managed by collections of Network Management Systems (NMS’s).  While each NMS knows everything within its domain, when it comes to the interconnections between domains, they are not visible to any of the interconnecting NMS’s.  The result is a number of disjointed links in place of an end-to-end view.  Service Inventory is here to help overcome that and more.


Service Inventory is the equivalent of Resource Inventory for services provisioned on the network.  It stays in sync with the various NMS's through periodic synchronization and lets you manage inter-NMS connections and customer/service relationship as part of the overall system.  This puts complete end-to-end view for any customer service on the network at your fingertips.


Service Inventory can infer the dependency between any equipment and any service.  This makes possible capabilities such as determining the impact on customer service of any alarm, and detecting related alarms to any given case.

Product Highlights

Always up to date

Service Inventory tracks changes on the network as they occur so you will always have a complete and accurate record of your circuits and services