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Stay ahead by looking underneath the surface

bYond is an analytic engine that is purpose-built to uncover the hidden gems buried within the vast amount of data collected from the OSS, ranging from alarms to performance and usage records.  Whether it be a network or customer performance the ability to identify trends as well as hot spots for growth and where troubles are likely to develop is vital.  These insights translate directly into competitive advantages.  


Leveraging bYond's analytic capabilities our Mobile solution extracts key metrics, from your network serving OSS systems, on your customers service experience as and when they interact with your network.  Those metrics are combined with others to produce valuable key performance indicators (KPI) that form the basis for a range of reports and dashboards on indvidual and groups of subscribers. 


By combining data into information on your corporate customers, and ensuring your front line business teams always have that information available at the right time, the insights provided by bYond can give your business with that all important edge in your endevours to attain and retain key corporate subscribers and accounts.


With the nature of submarine network equipment having a long term view of the performance of your network assets can help you predict when it might be time to replace and repair an item.  Intermittmently fault items can also be easier to identify with a sustained measurement regime.   And with every measurement made theres a record so you always have solid objective information with which to leverage.   


With bYond the value of our Submarine solutions can extend into network and service performance.  This capability can prevents faults happening before they occur and reduce the risk of service level agreement (SLA) violations.  The occurance of repeat intermittmently fault assets can also be greatly reduced. 

Product Highlights

Targeted analytics

bYond's strength lies in it's ability for you to define targeted key performance indicators from any combination of network, service or customer event data