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Targeted solutions for maximum benefit

 A good deal of the OSS offerings available today advertise themselves as many things to many people.  The truth in this is that they are developed as very generic platforms that require a significant amount of professional services to be of any use to anyone.  At Boss Portal we have a different approach.  We’ve focused our skills and expertise on a small number of target communities.  Our teams have worked in these target communities for many years so not only do they know OSS but also they have first hand experience in the various challenges facing these markets.

Rapid results

Leveraging our experiences, with new ideas, atop of our own flexible technology framework we've developed and deployed a number of solutions that range from submarine network operations through to mobile quality of experience

The business benefits of every deployment we've made have been rapid and significant thanks to solutions that come with a high level of relevance and applicability `out of the box’. The flexibility of our solutions facilitates tailoring to your specific needs quickly and cost effectively.  The result is a targeted solution that will provide maximum benefit for substantially lower risk than other solutions on the market today.