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Mobile Quality of Experience

Radically improve your potential to attain and retain customers

In the world of telecommunications customer quality of experience is paramount.  This is particularly true in mobile networks where customers today have far greater choice and the flexibility to churn on a dime.  The perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) and improved customer management can be the single biggest differentiator in the prevention against churn and competition for new business. In many cases, whole accounts can be won or lost based on the perceived QoE of a single VIP.

A solution from Boss Portal

Boss Portals mobile quality of experience solutions, developed in collaboration with mobile network operators facing these very challenges, have been developed specifically to provide an objective and demonstrable record of events equipping your front line business teams, often sales representatives, with the right level of information at right time.  Thus transforming what for many operators are reactive revenue protecting customer conversations into proactive revenue generating conversations.  The top line benefits of our solutions can be experienced almost immediately.

Our approach

We’ve proved that by integrating a small number of key systems into a customer centric OSS, transforming customer data into knowledge, customer centric management of your top corporate customers is not only possible but also entirely practical.

Why Boss Portal?

We know OSS like the back of our hand and we’re proven in mobile customer centric management.  Leveraging our own flexible commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution we can deploy a solution that will radically improve your potential to attain and retain customers in allot less time than you might think.